The Beard is a symbol of manliness and patience
We all know there comes many ups and downs to growing a great beard, like when eating chips (beard crumbs) the struggle is real.
But on a more serious note,Some may struggle with growing and some with dryness of the beard and not feeding the beard with the nutrients it needs.
Some want to make their beard kissable soft, while the one thing every man HATES is the non stop itch that comes with growing.
Here is some tools to help to say no to the razor

Beard oil

Yes, beard oil for the true beard grower.
Most beard oils target the problems men have with their beard.
No more dry beards or itchiness. YES! It even softens that bad boy and feeds it with all the good nutrients it needs to keep that monster growing. Some beard oils even contain vitamin e that helps to keep that skin healthy under the beard and gives it more moisture.

(3 beard oil combo by karoo beard co)


For example all our beard oils are made from the finest oils and are rich in the following vitamins to tame your man mane:

Vitamin E to help keep your beard and skin healthy,

Vitamin B to condition the beard and help make your beard more manageable,
Antioxidants to battle free radicals that might damage your beard,

Our oils will also help your beard grow thicker and fuller.

Now that is the right stuff for any beard
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Beard balm

karoo beard co
gentleman beard balm

Beard balm is something fairly new.But definitely worth a look.
Beard balm is not just for styling either, no, it also a great source of nutrients for your beard.

Beard balm lasts longer in the beard and contains vitamins A, E and F to help fight against unnecessary hair loss. It will also deeply condition your beard making it softer, healthier and more manageable.

And yes it does help with styling




Beard wash

The biggest problem is men using ordinary shampoo and washes on the beard.

Why you ask? Ordinary shampoos contain chemicals which are harmful to the beard hair and also the skin underneath, this will explain why your beard is damaged and splitting ends,and this will only lead to shaving
And who wants to lose a long growing friend to that?

Our beard washes contain some of the same oils as the beard oil.
So while your scrubbing your man mane you re also feeding it with the right stuff.



Combs, What to use?

Invest in a wooden comb which has wider teeth. It will be gentler on the hair and is anti-static. No one wants to pull out their beard hair, do they they?

Believe me once you tried a wooden comb on the beard you will never go back.

Beard Styling tips

Beard oil is best used after a shower or a wash when beard is towel dried.

Beard balm can be used instead of beard oil and also aids in styling to keep you looking professional at work.

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