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I’ve never like facial hair, on both males and females. I think this is why my husband decided to grow his beard… a hard prickly beard (thanks genetics for ruining my life).

It was terrible! Kissing him while his facial spikes pierce my skin leaving me to look like a red-faced spider monkey. Hugging him and getting stabbed in the neck at the same time confused how I should feel about physical affection. Lying next to him while he pricked my sensitive brain with his new best friend… the ginger-beard-man! I often fantasied about rubbing hair remover on his face while he slept but it didn’t materialize because I prefer waxing him.

I was ready to make an appointment with a hypnotherapist to help me block out my husband’s scary beard, yes I was afraid of his face!

My knight in shining armour arrived:

Blow your trumpets for KAROO BEARD OIL

After just one week of using Karoo Beard Oil, his beard was softer than ever. I can safely say we can now live our lives as normal again (well, as normal as life can be with a beard).

Don’t tell anyone, but I actually enjoy rubbing his silky smooth ginger facial hairs at night before I sleep.
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